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The World Ringette Championship (WRC) is held every two or three years since 1990 in multiple contries such as Canada, Finland, USA, Sweden and the Czech Republic. At the biggining, there was only one category that was competing, but since 2009 there are two: the Seniors (U21 and older) and the Juniors (U19). The two categories used to have separte competitions until 2013. This year, the competition was held in Mississauga, Ontario from November 27 to December 3rd 2017 (What is ringette? ).

The winners of this year's champisonship are:

Senior's pool: Junior's pool:
  • Gold: Finalnd
  • Silver: Canada
  • Bronze: Sweden
  • Gold: Canada
  • Silver: Finland
  • Bronze: Sweden

All of the games (including exhibition games) of this year's championship are livestreamed and are still available online ( sportscanadatv.wpndev.com/en )

WRC (Junior and Senior)
Year Cities Senior team winner Junior team winner
1990 Gloucester, Ontario, Canada Alberta -
1992 Helsinki, Finland Canada West -
1994 St. Paul, Minnesota, US Finland -
1996 Stockholm, Sweden Canada -
2000 Helsinki, Finland Finland -
2002 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Canada -
2004 Stockholm, Sweden Finland -
2007 Ottawa, Ontario Finland -
2009 Prague, Czech Republic - Finland
2010 Tampere, Finland Finland -
2012-2013 London, Ontario, Canada - Canada East
2013 North Bay, Ontario, Canada Finland -
2015-2016 Helsinki, Finland Finland Canada
2017 Missassauga, Ontario, Canada Finland Canada