Origins of the Sport

Sam Jacks
( Yrityspalvelujärjestelmä)
Samuel Perry Jackson (commonly know as Sam Jacks) was a canadian inventor who invented the sport of floor hockey and of ringette in North Bay, Ontario in 1963. His inventions led him to being inducted into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame after his death (1975) in 2007 (Honoured Member ).
His purpose was to introduce and encourage girls into playing team sports and to be active. The first team who ever played Ringette was Espagnola high school women's hockey team.
The first league was formed in 1964-1965 in Sudbury, Ontario. It was made up of four teams.
In 1964, the sport was introduced in Quebec by Herb Linder who was a personal friend of Sam Jacks.
By 1965, the final set of rules were completed. They are the same ones that are used today.
It was only in 1976, when a Canadian team travelled to Finland to introduce their sport. Today, Team Canada and Team Finland are the best teams to compete in international competitions.
Ringette has become internationnally known and successfull by the 80s. Since then, the sport is being played in: Finland, Sweden, USA, Slovakia, France, Czech Republic, Russia and even the Unite Arab Emirates.
Furthermore, international competions as well as elite leagues exist now. In Canada, there is the National Ringette League which contains the best players and is the highest level of play in the country and in the world (History of ringette).